Character varieties of hyperbolic knot complements

  • Date: 03/13/2008
  • Time: 16:10

Melissa Macasieb (UBC)


Simon Fraser University


To every hyperbolic 3-manifold M with nonempty boundary, one can associate a pair of related algebraic varieties X(M) and Y(M) called the character varieties of M. These varieties carry much topological information about M, but are in general difficult to compute. In the case that M is a knot complement, X(M) and Y(M) are defined over Q. In this talk, I will discuss how properties of these varieties reflect the topology of M in the case M
is a hyperbolic knot complement. I will also show how to obtain
explicit equations for the the character varieties associated to a
bi-infinite family of hyperbolic knots K(m,n)
and discuss consequences of these results related to the existence of
integral points on these curves. This is joint work with Kate Petersen
and Ronald van Luijk.

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Number Theory Seminar