Amoebas, Coamoebas, and Tropical Geometry

  • Date: 03/09/2007

Mikael Passare (Stockholm University)


University of Calgary


Given a triangle with side lengths 1, log x, log y and opposite interior angles π-u-v, u, v, the functional determinant ∂(x,y)/∂(u,v)
is identically equal to 1. This amusing fact is a special instance of
the relation between the amoeba of a complex curve and its
corresponding coamoeba. This colloquium talk is intended to give a
gentle introduction to the properties and applications of mathematical
amoebas. For instance, we shall explain why the spine of an amoeba is a
tropical hypersurface, and what are the complex curves having amoebas
of maximal area.

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10th Anniversary Speaker Series 2007