PIMS Network Courses


About The Program

The PIMS Network-wide graduate courses utilize the PIMS network to deliver a rich variety of graduate level courses in the mathematical sciences at PIMS member universities. This program benefits instructors by reaching a larger potential audience and students by offering a broader variety of courses.

For details of the current course offering and instructions for registering please visit:


For Students

Students at PIMS sites can typically receive credit for the courses in this program through the Western Deans Agreement (some conditions and fees may apply). To ensure sufficient time for processing registrations, enrollment for courses in the upcoming academic year will typically take place by mid July. Please check the courses website for details and registration instructions of upcoming courses.


For Instructors

To ensure sufficient time for registrations, the call for proposals for new courses typically takes place between February-April for following academic year. The call typically goes out via PIMS Connection and the courses website. Instructors whose courses are selected will meet with members of the PIMS Digital Collaboration Committee to discuss logistics and support, and selected courses are advertised throughout the PIMS network and may be eligible for course related expenses.