The PIMS-CNRS International Research Lab


The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a government-funded research organization, under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of Research. Founded in 1939 by governmental decree, CNRS has the following missions:

  • To evaluate and carry out all research capable of advancing knowledge and bringing social, cultural, and economic benefits for society,
  • To contribute to the application and promotion of research results,
  • To develop scientific information,
  • To support research training, and
  • To participate in the analysis of the national and international scientific climate and its potential for evolution in order to develop a national policy.


The PIMS-CNRS IRL #3069, originally signed in 2007 and renewed in 2019, has been an integral component of efforts to facilitate and encourage research collaborations between mathematical scientists at PIMS member universities in North America and researchers across France. 


Available Programs

  1. PIMS-Europe Fellowships
  2. CNRS Postes Rouges
  3. PIMS CNRS Student Mobility Program
  4. CNRS Visitors
  5. PIMS-CNRS Postdoctoral Fellowships

1. PIMS-Europe Fellowship

PIMS-Europe (CNRS IRL #3069) is announcing the return of the PIMS-Europe Fellowships. The goal of this program is to develop and support research collaborations between mathematical scientists at PIMS member universities and researchers across France. These fellowships will champion a mutual exchange of knowledge and talent while encouraging cross-ocean research on the frontline of the Mathematical Sciences. Fellowship awardees will receive CAD $5,000 to facilitate long-term visits to France.


Fellowship Parameters:

  • Fellowships are eligible to ALL mathematical scientists with faculty positions at PIMS member universities.
  • PIMS-Europe Fellows are expected to spend at least two continuous months working on collaborative research in France. PIMS encourages longer visits.
  • Visits must begin in the next calendar year following your application


Application Deadline: October 1, annually


Applications MUST include:

  • A focused overview of the planned research activity, including locations and anticipated France-based collaborators (up to 5 pages).
  • A letter of support from the proposed host institution in France.
  • A letter from the applicant’s department head supporting the proposed visit. The letter from the department head should reference the duration of the applicant’s stay in France. For visits that include part of an academic year, the department must commit to provide a teaching release covering the duration of the proposed visit.


Applications should be sent to:

Dr. Ozgur Yilmaz - Director, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
IRL CNRS No. 3069 | Central Office and UBC Site Office
4176-2207 Main Mall | UBC | Vancouver, BC | V6T 1Z4



2. CNRS Postes Rouges

The Institute of Mathematics of the CNRS (INSMI) will be offering a limited number of research positions in France, for the 2023 calendar year. These positions are available to foreign visitors from the “IRLs”, “LIAs” or “IRNs” and provide monthly salary support.


These positions are for three months (shorter visits cannot be funded under this scheme) and are available to non-French academics (assistant, associate or full professors) at any PIMS member university (French citizens with full time positions at PIMS institutions are also eligible to apply). The three-month salary support can be applied for as a part of a longer research visit if explained in the application.


Applicants must be less than 65 years of age and are required to conduct their visits during the 2023 calendar year. A clear connection with the scientific activity of the IRL/LIA/IRN should appear in the file.


To apply, please provide:


  • A CV (with a list of publications).
  • A specific scientific project for the visit.
  • Tentative dates of stay.
  • The candidates should also contact the laboratory they want to visit in France and include an approval from its director (email indication is fine).

Applicants should send the file to the PIMS Director by October 7, 2022:

Ozgur Yilmaz

Complete proposals will go to the CNRS Poste Rouge for review and appointment.


3. PIMS–CNRS Student Mobility Program

The PIMS Globalink Program is available to senior undergraduate and graduate students to conduct 12-24 week research programs at a PIMS member university or at an eligible university or institution in France. It offers $6000 (CAD) to support French students travelling to a PIMS member university or students at a PIMS member university travelling to an eligible university or institution in France. Please see the PIMS Globalink page for more details and application instructions.

4. CNRS Visitors

The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) invites applications from French researchers to spend the academic year at one of PIMS’ member universities and to participate in PIMS’ research activities.

The applicants should be “fonctionnaires titulaires” either at the CNRS or at a French university, and priority will be given to junior researchers “charg(e)es de recherches” or “maitres de conferences.”

Applications should be sent to Jean-Stéphane Dhersin, Directeur adjoint scientifique, INSMI (CNRS), and to Jayadev Athreya, Director of PIMS, by November 15 of the same academic year. They should include a CV and a list of publications, together with a description of the research project to be done during the academic year, and the names of the PIMS researchers which would be involved in the project.

For French colleagues posted in a laboratory managed by an institute of CNRS other than INSMI, the application should also be sent to the relevant Institute. In particular, those working in a INS2I laboratory should copy Anne Doucet at Email:

In the case of university faculty, once the application has been accepted, the actual appointment is subject to the person receiving a “delegation au CNRS” from their home institution.

Successful applicants will be sent for one year by the CNRS to the PIMS university where the research is to be carried out, on the understanding that they will be given adequate working conditions, and be treated like local faculty (except for teaching). We encourage researchers at PIMS universities to contact their French counterparts and encourage them to apply. The extent of local support will be a crucial factor in judging the applications.

Jean-Stéphane Dhersin,
Directeur adjoint scientifique, INSMI (CNRS)

Ozgur Yilmaz,
Director, PIMS (IRL 3069, CNRS)

Please direct any technical questions to:

Executive Assistant, PIMS

The deadline for complete nominations/applications is November 15th, annually.


5. PIMS-CNRS Postdoctoral Fellowships

Candidates must be nominated by one or more scientists or by a department (or departments) affiliated with PIMS. The fellowships are intended to supplement support provided by the sponsor, and are tenable at any of PIMS’ Canadian member universities: Simon Fraser University, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, the University of Lethbridge, the University of Manitoba, the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Victoria.

This award is targeted to applicants that are French, or who have completed their PhD degree in France.

Candidates must apply via the MathJobs service, and identify themselves as a candidate for the CNRS-PIMS Fellowship. 

Documents are require for submission via MathJobs are: 


  1. curriculum vitae of the candidate
  2. statement of research interests
  3. statement of anticipated support from the sponsor
  4. an equity, diversity and inclusivity statement
  5. two additional letters of reference


Please see the postdoctoral page for additional instructions and deadlines.

Please direct any technical questions to:

Executive Assistant, PIMSEmail: