Novel strategies for G-CSF support of severe prolonged neutropenia

  • Date: 03/18/2008

Vered Rom-Kedar, Weizmann Institute of Science


University of British Columbia


We develop, in an axiomatic fashion, structurally
stable mathematical equations that describe the G-CSF
-neutrophil dynamics (the majority of the white blood cells are
neutrophils. G- CSF is a factor that may be injected to help patients
produce more neutrophils). We then show that a variant of this model
adequately describes the neutrophils dynamics after chemotherapy
treatments with various support protocols. A grading for neutropenia
(the dangerous drop in the neutrophil's level) and corresponding
tailored G-CSF treatments are proposed and are shown to be robust to
parameter variability. Our results clarify and revise the current
American Society of Clinical Oncology recommendations for G-CSF
administration in neutropenia following intensive chemotherapy regime
ns. As all our recommendations correspond to clinically available
protocols, a framework for a prospective randomized clinical trial i
s proposed.

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