Sixth Combinatorics Day

  • Date: 03/28/2009

Richard Anstee, University of British Columbia 

Andries Brouwer, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Qing Xiang, University of Delaware, confirmed.

Willem Haemers, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, confirmed.

Rick Wilson, California Institute of Technology, USA


University of Lethbridge



This one-day conference builds on the success of the last five
"Combinatorics Day" events, all supported by PIMS.  The purpose of the
"Combinatorics Day" is two-fold.  First, to bring together people
working in different areas of combinatorics (primarily from Alberta
universities) to exchange ideas and to foster an environment for
cooperation.  Second, to take advantage of the presence of many
prominent mathematicians at the Banff International Research Station
(BIRS) for a 5 day meeting on "Invariants of Incidence Matrices" from
March 29 to April 3, 2009.


This is a unique opportunity, and will be great for graduate students
and Faculty from the three Alberta universities.


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