Foundational Methods in Computer Science 2009

  • Start Date: 05/28/2009
  • End Date: 05/31/2009

University of British Columbia


The Department of Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, in cooperation with the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, is hosting the Foundational Methods in Computer Science workshop from the reception starting at 6pm on Thursday May 28 until Sunday May 31, 2009, at 1pm, on the University of British Columbia Campus in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.


The workshop is an informal meeting to bring together researchers in mathematics and computer science with a focus on the applications of category theory in computer science.


The reception in the evening of May 28, 2009, at Walter Gage Towers, is followed by a day of tutorials aimed at students and newcomers to category theory, followed by a day and a half of research talks. There will be a few invited presentations, but the majority of the talks are solicited from the participants. Student participation is particularly encouraged at FMCS.


There are still a few places on the program left for research presentations of 20 to 30 minutes.


To receive further information about FMCS 2009, including information about housing and registration, please send email to with subject heading FMCS 2009.



Abstracts / Downloads / Reports: 

Venue: WMAX 240 [website]



Thursday, May 28, 2009

3:00pm    Gage residence rooms available for check-in

6:00pm    Welcome Reception - Ruth Blair AB - Gage Residence


Friday, May 29, 2009

Tutorial Sessions - WMAX 240 - 1933 West Mall

9:00-10:30am    Ernie Manes - Equationally definable full subcategories of spaces


10:30-11:00am    Break


11:00-12:30pm    Vaughan Pratt - Axiomatizing affine and Euclidean space


12:30-2:30pm     Lunch


2:30-4:00p.m.     Pieter Hofstra - Types, groupoids and homotopy


4:00-4:30p.m.     Break


4:30-5:30p.m.     Dorette Pronk -  The left and right adjoints of Span 


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Research talks - WMAX 240 - 1933 West Mall


9:00-9:50am    Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh - What is the vector space content of what we say? A compact categorical approach to distributed meaning.


9:50-10:30am    Robert Seely - The basics of Cartesian differential restriction categories


10:30-11:00am    Break


11:00-12:00pm   Michael Johnson - Monadicity, descent, and classical database  view updating


12:00-12:30pm    Art Stone - What might Counter-bi-algebras be?


12:30-2:00pm     Lunch


2:00-2:40pm    Robin Cockett - Cartesian differential restriction categories


2:40-3:05pm    Brian Redmond - TBA


3:05-3:40pm   Shusaku Tsumoto - Medical data mining


3:40-4:10p.m.     Break


4:10-4:35pm     Brett Giles - Reversible computation and Frobenius algebras


4:35-5:00pm     Aaron Hunter - Algebraic considerations on the dynamics of belief


6:00pm Banquet - Cedar Room in the Ponderosa Building


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday talks will be in WMAX 240 - 1933 West Mall


9:00- 9:50am    Bob Rosebrugh - EASIK: Database design and manipulation implemented categorically


9:50-10:20am   Sean Nichols - On strong reduction in combinatory logic


10:20-11:00am    Break


11:00-12:00  Vaughan Pratt - Euclid's postulates at all dimensions



John MacDonald (UBC)



Other Information: 

Registraton form is now available to download above.




A housing block at Gage Towers has been reserved under the name
"Foundational Methods in Computer Science 2009" from Conferences and


Please follow the link HERE to reserve your hotel rooms.


Guests are also welcome to contact the UBC Reservations Office at (Toll-Free) 1 888 822 1030 to make a reservation.


Please have your guests inform the hotel staff that they are guests of Foundational Methods in Computer Science.


Should you have guests who would prefer to send their reservation requests by mail or fax, they can also use  a Request for Accommodation Form (RAF). Please notify Jenny Westood ( at your earliest onvenience if you require a copy of this form.



PARTICIPANT LIST as of 5/26/09


Robin Cockett, Computer Science

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta


Brett Giles, Computer Science

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta

Pieter Hofstra, Mathematics

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario


Aaron Hunter, Computer Science

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, British Columbia

Mike Johnson, Mathematics and Computer Science

Macquarie University

Sydney, Australia


John MacDonald, Mathematics

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia


Ernie Manes, Mathematics

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts


Sean Nichols, Computer Science

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta


Vaughan Pratt, Computer Science

Stanford University

Palo Alto, California


Dorette Pronk, Mathematics

Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia


Brian Redmond, Computer Science

University of Calgary

Calgary, Alberta


Bob Rosebrugh, Mathematics and Computer Science

Mount Allison University

Sackville, New Brunswick


Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh, Computer Science

Oxford University Computing Laboratory

Oxford, England


R A G Seely, Mathematics

McGill University

Montreal, Quebec


Shusaku Tsumoto, Computer Science and Medical Informatics

Shimane University

Izumo-city, Japan


Art Stone, Mathematics

Vancouver, British Columbia