Combinatorics, Randomization, Algorithms and Probability

  • Start Date: 05/04/2009
  • End Date: 05/08/2009
Dimitris Achlioptas (UC Santa Cruz)
Nathanaël Berestycki (CMS)
Nicolas Broutin (INRIA)
Devdatt Dubhashi (Göteborg University)
Pablo Ferrari (Universidade de Sao Paulo)
Kevin Ford (The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Nikolaos Fountoulakis (Max Planck Institut Informatik)
Alan Frieze (Carnegie Mellon University)
Christina Goldschmidt (University of Oxford)
Simon Griffiths (McGill University)
Ravi Kannan (Microsoft Research, India)
Peter Keevash (University of London)
Jean-François Le Gall (École normale supérieure)
Imre Leader (University of Cambridge)
Po-Shen Loh (Princeton University)
Lászlo Lovász (Számítógéptudományi Tanszék)
Gábor Lugosi (Pompeu Fabra Universitat)
Jean-François Marckert (Université Bordeaux 1)
Mike Molloy (University of Toronto)
Andrea  Montanari (Stanford University)
Ralph Neininger (J.W. Goethe-University )
Lea Popovic (Concordia University)
Tibor Szabò (McGill University)
Benny Sudakov (UCLA )
Van H. Vu (Rutgers University)
Johan Wästlund (Chalmers University of Technology)
Peter Winkler (Bell Laboratories )

Centre de Recherches Mathématiques


The ties between combinatorics and probability run so deep that for
many deep and interesting problems, it is nonsensical to try to assign
one category or the other. The subject of this workshop is these sorts
of problems, many of which in fact come from the theoretical computer
science and statistical physics communities. Most of the speakers
straddle two or several of these areas in their research. We expect the
workshop to both expose participants to cutting edge research in
combinatorics and probability, and, importantly, to lead to fruitful
discussions and the opening of new avenues of research.

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L. Addario-Berry (Montreal), L. Devroye (McGill), B. Reed (McGill)

Other Information: 

This is part of the CRM-PIMS Thematic Group on Challenges and Perspectives in Probability. For more information, please see the official webpage: