Canadian Operator Symposium 2006

  • Start Date: 05/29/2006
  • End Date: 06/03/2006

Bill Arveson (University of California at Berkeley).
Ken Davidson (University of Waterloo)
Chandler Davis (University of Toronto)
Ron Douglas (Texas A&M)
George Elliott (University of Toronto)
Don Hadwin (University of New Hampshire)
Huaxin Lin (University of Oregon)
Vern Paulsen (University of Houston)
Chris Phillips (University of Oregon)


University of Calgary


The 34-th Annual Canadian Operator Symposium (COSy) will take place
at the University of Calgary campus from May 29th to June 2, 2006.

The meeting will be an occasion to celebrate the 65-th birthday of
, University of Toronto.


There will be a number of shorter (20-25 minutes) contributed talks.

The talks will start at 9 am on Monday, May 29th, and will end on Friday,
June 2. Following the COSy tradition, the afternoon of the third day of
the conference, Wednesday May 31, will be left free.

A banquet is planned
for Thursday evening and will be a further opportunity to celebrate Peter
Rosenthal's birthday.

If you are attending, and would like to give a talk, please contact the
organizers with your request.

The CMS summer meeting will take place in Calgary over the weekend
following this meeting.

If you have questions please contact any of the organizers.

See you in Calgary!!!

The organizing committee:

Berndt Brenken: bbrenken at
Michael Lamoureux: mikel at