PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 5-Aug-15
  • 7-Aug-15
  • 6-Aug-15

Symposium on Mathematics and Computation

The Department of Mathematics at Simon Fraser University is pleased to present The 2015 SFU Symposium on Mathematics and Computation, which will be held on Thursday August 6th at the IRMACS Centre, SFU Burnaby Campus. This annual event showcases the   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 7-Aug-15
  • 9-Aug-15

Prairie Discrete Math Workshop

Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff

  • 17-Aug-15
  • 28-Aug-15
  • 17-Aug-15
  • 21-Aug-15
  • 10-Sep-15

PIMS - UAlberta Distinguished Visitor: Cliff Frohlich

Fracking and Earthquakes... a cause for concern?   more››

University of Alberta

  • 24-Sep-15
  • 26-Sep-15

Conference on the Mathematics of Sea Ice

Simon Fraser University, Harbour Center Campus, Vancouver

  • 30-Sep-15

Probability Seminar: Konstantin Tikhomirov

The Smallest Singular Value of Random Matrices with Independent Entries   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 17-Oct-15
  • 23-Oct-15

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Yakov Sinai

TBC   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 24-Oct-15

Pacific Northwest Probability Seminar

University of Washington

  • 21-Nov-15

Combinatorial Potlatch 2015

University of British Columbia

  • 4-Mar-16

Hugh C. Morris Lecture: David Aldous (Berkeley)

University of British Columbia

  • 13-Jun-16
  • 17-Jun-16
  • 10-Jul-16
  • 14-Jul-16
  • 15-Aug-16
  • 26-Aug-16
  • 14-Aug-17
  • 18-Aug-17


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