PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 20-Oct-16

PIMS-URegina Distinguished Lecture Series: Mikhail Muzychuk

Non-commutative Association Schemes of Rank 6   more››

University of Regina

  • 21-Oct-16

PIMS-SFU CSC Seminar: Andrew R. Plummer

Characterizing the emergence of commensuration mappings in phonological acquisition   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 22-Oct-16

UBC/SFU Joint Statistical Seminar (Fall 2016)

Simon Fraser University, Harbour Center Campus, Vancouver

  • 24-Oct-16

Lethbridge Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar: Nathan Ng

The sixth moment of the Riemann zeta function and ternary additive divisor sums   more››

University of Lethbridge

  • 25-Oct-16

Scientific Computation and Applied & Industrial Mathematics: Eldad Haber

Mimetic Multiscale Methods and their application to Maxwell's equations   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 25-Oct-16

SFU Discrete Math Seminar: Jørgen Bang-Jensen

Connectivity properties of tournaments and semicomplete digraphs   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 25-Oct-16

Discrete Math Seminar: Brian Chan

TBC   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 25-Oct-16

Diff. Geom, Math. Phys., PDE Seminar: Pengfei Guan

Curvature flows and the isoperimetric problems in geometry   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 26-Oct-16

Topology and related seminars: Markus Szymik

Freaks of algebra -- a topologist's exhibition   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 26-Oct-16

Probability Seminar: Zichun Ye

Models of Gradient Type with Sub-Quadratic Action   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 27-Oct-16

Fluid Mechanics Seminar: Ali Mani

Microscale "Turbulence" induced by Electrochemical Interfaces   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 28-Oct-16

PIMS-CRM-FIELDS Lecture: Daniel Wise

The Cubical Route to Understanding Groups   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 29-Oct-16
  • 30-Oct-16

ABC Algebra Workshop

University of Alberta

  • 4-Nov-16

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Yakov Sinai

University of British Columbia

  • 14-Nov-16

PIMS/IAM Distinguished Lecture: Martin Oberlack

New conservation laws of Euler and Navier-Stokes equations Subtitle: Generic and dimensionally reduced cases for plane, axisymmetric and helically symmetric flows.   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 24-Nov-16

PIMS Public Lecture: Ken Ono (Emory University)

Gems of Ramanujan: The Legacy of and Lasting Impact on Mathematics   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 24-Nov-16

PIMS-UManitoba Distinguished Lecture: Thomas Sellke

Limit Theorems for the Frontier of One-Dimensional Branching Diffusions   more››

University of Manitoba

  • 28-Nov-16

PIMS/ IAM Distinguished Lecture: Darren Crowdy

The "Hole Story" of a forgotten function, and how to use it   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 17-Mar-17

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Michel Brion

University of British Columbia

  • 5-Jun-17
  • 30-Jun-17

PIMS-CRM Summer School in Probability

University of British Columbia

  • 24-Jul-17
  • 28-Jul-17

CRG Conference in Geometric Analysis

University of British Columbia

  • 14-Aug-17
  • 18-Aug-17


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