PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 24-Jun-16
  • 27-Jun-16

2016 CMS Summer Meeting

University of Alberta

  • 25-Jun-16
  • 6-Jul-16

PIMS Summer School in Mathematical Finance

The summer school has two themes:1. Informational and Imperfect Financial Markets (June 25 to June 29)2. Market Microstructure and Algorithmic Trading (July 2 to July 6)   more››

University of Alberta

  • 26-Jun-16
  • 7-Jul-16
  • 28-Jun-16

Lethbridge Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar: Tim Trudgian

Grosswald's conjecture on primitive roots   more››

University of Lethbridge

  • 28-Jun-16

Lethbridge Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar: Vijay Patankar

Pairs of elliptic curves and their Frobenius fields   more››

University of Lethbridge

  • 29-Jun-16
  • 1-Jul-16

Sage Days

University of British Columbia

  • 4-Jul-16
  • 8-Jul-16

28th International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics

Topics include all aspects of combinatorics and their relations with other parts of mathematics, physics, computer science, and biology.   The conference will include invited lectures, contributed presentations, poster sessions, and sof   more››

Simon Fraser University

  • 6-Jul-16
  • 8-Jul-16

16th Canadian Conference on General Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics

Simon Fraser University, Harbour Center Campus, Vancouver

  • 7-Jul-16
  • 8-Jul-16

Canadian Abstract Harmonic Analysis Symposium

University of British Columbia

  • 10-Jul-16
  • 14-Jul-16
  • 10-Jul-16
  • 15-Jul-16
  • 11-Jul-16
  • 12-Jul-16

Journées Combinatoires Franco-Vancouvéroises

Combinatorics: applied, algebraic, enumerative, analytic, geometric, historyGraph theory   more››

Vancouver, BC

  • 12-Jul-16

SCAIM Seminar: Hans De Sterck

Accelerated Parallel Optimization Algorithms for Distributed Data Analytics in Apache Spark   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 17-Jul-16
  • 23-Jul-16
  • 18-Jul-16
  • 22-Jul-16
  • 19-Jul-16

PIMS Marsden Memorial Lecture: Richard Schoen

The Constraint Manifold of General Relativity     more››

Banff International Research Station (BIRS), Banff

  • 25-Jul-16
  • 19-Aug-16
  • 8-Aug-16
  • 13-Aug-16

2016 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School

University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

  • 15-Aug-16
  • 25-Aug-16
  • 15-Aug-16
  • 20-Aug-16

2016 PIMS Undergraduate Workshop on Supersymmetry

University of British Columbia

  • 22-Aug-16
  • 4-Sep-16
  • 9-Sep-16

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: G. Huisken

University of British Columbia

  • 20-Sep-16
  • 23-Sep-16
  • 29-Sep-16

PIMS-UManitoba Distinguished Lecture: Jun-Cheng Wei

On De Giorgi Conjecture and Beyond   more››

University of Manitoba

  • 29-Sep-16

Hugh C. Morris Lecture: Francis Su

Voting in Agreeable Societies   more››

University of Victoria

  • 7-Oct-16
  • 20-Oct-16

PIMS-UManitoba Distinguished Lecture: Faith Ellen

Asynchronous Consensus   more››

University of Manitoba

  • 28-Oct-16

PIMS-CRM-FIELDS Lecture: Daniel Wise

TBC   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 4-Nov-16

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Yakov Sinai

University of British Columbia

  • 17-Mar-17

PIMS/ UBC Distinguished Colloquium: Michel Brion

University of British Columbia

  • 5-Jun-17
  • 30-Jun-17

PIMS-CRM Summer School in Probability

University of British Columbia

  • 14-Aug-17
  • 18-Aug-17


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