PIMS Current Scientific Events

  • 3-Dec-20

PIMS-UVic Discrete Math Seminar: Leticia Mattos

Asymmetric Ramsey properties of random graphs for cliques and cycles   more››


  • 4-Dec-20

PIMS - SFU Distinguished Lecture: Tian Zheng (Online)

Adjusted Visibility Metric for Scientific Articles   more››


  • 4-Dec-20

UBC Math Department Colloquium: Nina Holden

Faculty of Science Early Career Invited Lecture: TBD   more››

University of British Columbia

  • 7-Dec-20

Ergodic Theory Lectures: Nishant Chandgotia

Uniqueness of clusters in percolation   more››


  • 9-Dec-20

University of Saskatchewan: The quanTA CRG Seminar

The topology and geometry of the space of gapped lattice systems   more››


  • 16-Dec-20

The PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow Seminar: Shirou Wang (Online)

A coupling approach in the computation of geometric ergodicity for stochastic dynamics   more››


  • 29-May-21
  • 30-May-21