Workshop on Nonlinear dispersive and geometric evolution problems: singularities and asymptotics

  • Start Date: 08/17/2009
  • End Date: 08/21/2009

Ioan Bejenaru (Chicago)

Raphael Cote (Ecole Polytechnique)

Patrick Gerard (Orsay)
Manoussos Grillakis (Maryland)

Slim Ibrahim (Victoria)

Markus Keel (Minnesota)

Kay Kirkpatrick (MIT)

Kenji Nakanishi (Kyoto)

Tadahiro Oh (Toronto)

Tohru Ozawa (Hokkaido)

Walid Abou Salem (Toronto)

Jacob Sterbenz (UCSD)

Daniel Tataru (Berkeley)
Yoshio Tsutsumi (Kyoto)


Mini-course Lecturers:
Yvan Martel (Versailles)

Wilhelm Schlag (Chicago)

James Colliander (Toronto)


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University of British Columbia


PIMS/Accelerate Canada Summer School in PDE: Nonlinear dispersive and geometric evolution problems - singularities and asymptotics

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This workshop will focus on nonlinear dispersive problems arising in physics and geomtery. Equations such as the wave map, Schrodinger map, nonlinear Schrodinger (and numerous others), are of basic physical importance (eg. relativity, feromagnetism, water waves, quantum physics, etc.), and in addition, several of these examples have an essential geometric flavour. The interplay of dispersion, nonlinearity, and geometry can yield complex, mathematically challenging, dynamics. Recent years have seen impressive progress toward an understanding of these types of PDE, especially with respect to local (in time) issues. The main goal of the workshop is to survey the state-of-the-art, with the specific hope of stimulating new advances on important, but ill-understood global questions such as singularity formation, and asymptotic behaviour. Topics of specific interest include:* constructions and properties of singular solutions (numerical and analytic)* the roles played by resonance phenomena, geometry and topology in singularity formation* thresholds for singularity formation versus global regularity* asymptotics for long times, and near singularities The format will combine several “mini-course” lecture series by leaders in the field, aimed particularly at student and postdoctoral researchers, with more specialized research talks by particpants.

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Registration will take place from 8am to 9am on Monday, August 17, at
PIMS Room 110 1933 West Mall.


MATH 100 [website]



S. Gustafson (UBC) J. Colliander (Toronto)

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