Quantum Topology and its Applications 2020-2024



Of all of the scientific discoveries of the past few decades, one of the most promising — and surprising — is that of topological materials. These materials have the potential to change not only what is done in labs but also what we do in our homes as once far-away disruptive technologies begin to enter our reality through unexplored aspects of condensed matter physics. Canada is now a major player in engaging with these new developments after the establishment of the Stewart Blusson Quantum Materials Institute (SB-QMI) at UBC and the formation of Quantum Alberta. Our belief that the time is right to establish a new centre building upon this capacity in the Canadian Prairies has led to the formation of the Centre for Quantum Topology and Its Applications, or quanTA, a new University of Saskatchewan Type A Research Centre, endorsed and ratified by University Council in May 2019. This new research institute complements those in BC and Alberta by focusing in particular on the mathematical side of topological materials — namely, the mathematics of the topology itself.

quanTA brings together a unique and energetic team consisting of specialists in condensed matter physics and topological superconductivity, algebraic topology, algebraic and differential geometry, integrable systems, and quantum technologies, all drawn from Prairie universities and institutes.




 Image Credit: National Institute of Standards and Technology



Robert Green (U of S Physics / CLS / Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute)

Derek Krepski (U of M Math)

Lindsay LeBlanc (U of A Physics / Quantum Alberta)

Joseph Maciejko (U of A Physics / Quantum Alberta/ Perimeter Institute Affiliate)

*Steven Rayan (U of S Math & Stats / quanTA / Perimeter Institute Affiliate)

Artur Sowa (U of S Math & Stats)

Amy Stevens (U of S Chemistry) 

Jacek Szmigielski (U of S Math & Stats)

Kaori Tanaka (U of S Physics)


Appointed CRG Postdoctorate Fellows:

Peter Kristel, Focus area:Geometry. Supervisor:Derek Krepski (U of M)

Kazuki Ikeda, Focus area: High Energy Physics& Mathematical Physics; Supervisor:Steven Rayan (U of S) 


Planned Activities:

2020 Activities 

Aug 10- 14: 2020 PIMS Summer School on the Topology and Geometry of Quantum Matter, at UAlberta (Postponed)


September 30, 1:30 - 3:00 PM MT: quanTA Seminar

November 4, 1:30 PM PT: quanTA Seminar

December 9, 1:30 PM PT: quanTA Seminar



2021 Activities

January 22, 1:30 PM PT: quanTA Seminar 

March 17, 1:30 PM PT: quanTA Seminar

April 14, 1:30 PM PT: quanTA Seminar 

June 4-7: Scientific Session on Quantum Mathematics: Quantum Matter and Quantum Information, at CMS (75+1)-th Anniversary Meeting in Ottawa. (Details to follow).

August 23- 27: Second PIMS Summer School on Algebraic Geometry in High- Energy Physics. Online