Novel Techniques in Low Dimension: Floer Homology, representation theory and algebraic topology 2020-2023

CRG Organizers:

Ryan Budney, Victoria

Sabin Cautis, UBC

Robert Lipshitz, Oregon 

Liam Watson, UBC 

Ben Williams, UBC 


Planned Activities:


2020 Activities:

May 13: A one-day virtual test conference. Organized by: Tye Lidman (NC State), Liam Watson (UBC)

July 20-25: Frontiers in low-dimensional topology. Organized by: John Baldwin (Boston College), Lisa Piccirillo (MIT), Liam Watson (UBC)


2021 Activities

Dates TBA: Floer homotopy bootcamp. Organized by: Kristen Hendricks (Rutgers), Ailsa Keating (Cambridge), Robert Lipshitz (Oregon), Liam Watson and Ben Williams (UBC)