L-functions in Analytic Number Theory: Biitu

  • Date: 02/26/2024
Bittu, IIIT (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology), Delhi

University of Lethbridge


Spacing statistics of the Farey sequence [video]


The Farey sequence FQ of order Q is an ascending sequence of fractions a/b in the unit interval (0,1] such that (a,b)=1 and 0<a ≤ b ≤Q. The study of the Farey fractions is of major interest because of their role in problems related to the Diophantine approximation. Also, there is a connection between the distribution of Farey fractions and the Riemann hypothesis, which motivates their study. In this talk, we will discuss the distribution of Farey fractions with some divisibility constraints on denominators by studying their pair correlation measure. This is based on the joint work with Sneha Chaubey.

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Time: 12pm Mountain/ 11am Pacific


Location: SA8003 (ULethbridge)/ 10-4068 (UNBC)  


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A recording of this event is available on mathtube.org.