UW Combinatorics and Geometry Seminar: Yirong Yang

  • Date: 02/21/2024
  • Time: 15:30
Yirong Yang, University of Washington

University of Washington


Solving puzzles of shellable simplicial spheres


Reconstructing simplicial complexes from partial information has been a problem of interest for decades. A triangulation of a d-dimensional sphere is obtained by gluing a collection of d-dimensional simplices (“higher dimensional triangles”) along their faces, such that the resulting simplicial complex is homeomorphic to a topological d-sphere. For such a triangulation, if we only know the number of simplices in the triangulation and which pairs of simplices are glued along a (d−1)-face, can we uniquely recover the entire combinatorial structure of the triangulation? In this talk, I will show the answer is yes for shellable spheres, generalizing the result from the 1980s on reconstructing simple polytopes from their 1-skeleta.

Other Information: 

Location: Padelford (PDL) C-401 & Online. Join meeting


Time: 3.30pm Pacific 


Note: There will be no pre-seminar this week. The talk will start at 4:10.