05C50 Online Seminar: Michael Young

  • Date: 12/08/2023
  • Time: 08:00
Michael Young, Carnegie Mellon University



The relationship between zero forcing and vertex covers


Zero forcing is a type of graph propagation based on the color-change rule: Given graph $G$, if each vertex of $G$ is colored either white or blue, and vertex $v$ is a blue vertex with only one white neighbor $w$, then change the color of $w$ to blue. In this talk we prove a conjecture formulated by the automated conjecturing program called \emph{TxGraffiti}. The conjecture states that in a claw-free graph, the vertex cover number of the graph is at least the zero forcing number of the graph. We also prove a relationships about the zero forcing and independence number of a connected subcubic graph.


This talk will not be recorded, but you may email the speaker for their slides.

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The 05C50 Online is an international seminar about graphs and matrices held twice a month on Fridays.


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