L-functions in Analytic Number Theory: Sebastian Zuniga Alterman

  • Date: 12/04/2023
  • Time: 12:00
Sebastian Zuniga Alterman, University of Turku

University of Lethbridge


Möbius function, an identity factory with applications I


By using an identity relating a sum to an integral, we obtain a family of identities for the averages M(X)=∑n≤X µ(n) and m(X)=∑n≤X µ(n)/n. Further, by choosing some specific families, we study two summatory functions related to the Möbius function, µ(n), namely ∑n≤X µ(n)/ns and ∑n≤X µ(n)/ns log(X/n), where s is a complex number and Re s >0. We also explore some applications and examples when s is real. (joint work with O. Ramaré)

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Time: 11am Pacific/ 12pm Mountain


Location: M1040 (ULethbridge)/ 10-4068 (UNBC)  


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