UVic Statistical Data Science Seminar: Leilei Zeng

  • Date: 11/03/2023
Leilei Zeng, University of Waterloo

University of Victoria


Using auxiliary information for estimation with left truncated data


In life history studies one often encounters situations where individuals in a population are eligible to enroll only if the response time does not exceed an associated censoring time, which leads to the so called left truncated lifetime data. While auxiliary information for the truncated individuals from the same or similar cohorts may be available, challenges arise due to the practical issue of accessibility of individual-level data and taking account of various sampling conditions for different cohorts. We propose a likelihood-based method for incorporating auxiliary data to eliminate the bias due to left-truncation and improve efficiency. Simulation results and an application to data from a longitudinal study of aging are given.

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Time: 03 Nov 2023, 2:00pm Pacific


Location: Cornett A128


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