SFU Discrete Math Seminar: Alexander Clow

  • Date: 09/26/2023
  • Time: 11:30
Alexander Clow, SFU

Simon Fraser University


Injective and Oriented Colouring Graphs of Bounded Euler Genus


In this talk we consider the injective chromatic index and the oriented chromatic number of graphs with bounded Euler genus. In particular, we present our proofs of a tight (up to the choice of little o(1)) bound on the injective chromatic index in genus and that the oriented chromatic number is bounded polynomially in genus. The latter being a major improvement over the previous best upper bound which is exponential in genus. We conclude the talk by discussing directions for future study. Joint work with Peter Bradshaw (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign), and Jingwei Xu (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign).

Other Information: 

Time: 11.30am Pacific

Location: K9509