Hecke Algebras as a Unifying Theme

  • Start Date: 05/23/2023
  • End Date: 05/25/2023

University of British Columbia


Aim of the workshop Since their origins within the theory of modular forms nearly a century ago, Hecke algebras have come to play a central role in many areas of algebra and geometry. There are many recent advances in understanding and applying Hecke algebras in the theory of p-adic groups and the Langlands program, representation theory of quantum groups, categorification, and geometric representation theory. Many of these developments have occurred independently of one another and we believe there is an opportunity now for interaction and sharing of ideas, techniques and even general philosophies. 





Our workshop shall focus on the following topics:

  1. Categorifications of quantum groups at roots of unity via Hopfological techniques;
  2. The theory of pro-p and modular Hecke algebras;
  3. Whittaker modules for covers of p-adic groups and their connections to quantum groups at roots of unity;
  4. Geometric realizations of Hecke algebras, particularly coherent realizations of DAHAs (double affine Hecke algebras)

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Sabin Cautis, University of British Columbia

Rachel Ollivier, University of British Columbia

Manish Patnaik, University of Alberta

Joshua Sussan, City University of New York, Medgar Ever

Other Information: 

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