2023 Celebration of Women in Math

  • Date: 05/12/2023
  • Time: 08:30



What is May 12?

May 12 is a joyful opportunity for the mathematical community to celebrate women in mathematics. The celebration takes place every year, all around the world. The goal of the day is to inspire women everywhere to celebrate their achievements in mathematics, and to encourage an open, welcoming and inclusive work environment for everybody.
See the May 12 organization page for events around the world: https://may12.womeninmaths.org/


Why May 12?

Since 2018, May 12th has been a day designated to celebrate women in Mathematics and was chosen in reference to the first woman Fields Medallist, Iranian mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani (1977-2017).


What is happening on May 12, 2023, in Lethbridge?


This year, the May 12 event at the University of Lethbridge is centered around celebrating and supporting resilient mathematicians: due to their gender or the unrest in their country of origin, many mathematicians face challenges and this can impact their work. For instance, the past year has been most challenging for Ukranian and Iranian women, especially students.


Highlights of the day  include:

Twelve on the Twelfth: Kristine Bauer

Mathematics for Humanity: Laleh Behjat

Panel discussion: Challenges for international mathematicians with Kristine Bauer, Laleh Behjat, Alia Hamieh, Habiba Kadiri

Students talks


Everyone, independent of their gender, is invited to join the discussion.


Other Information: 

For the full event details, please click here.


To attend via Zoom, please register here.


Event Time: 8:30am Pacific/ 9:30am Mountain/ 10:30am Central/ 11:30am Eastern