05C50 Online Seminar: Aida Abiad

  • Date: 05/05/2023
  • Time: 08:00
Aida Abiad, Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)

University of Manitoba


Eigenvalue bounds for the independence and chromatic number of graph powers


In this talk I will present several eigenvalue bounds on the independence number and the distance chromatic number of graph powers. We will see how to use polynomials and mixed-integer linear programming in order to optimize such bounds. Some infinite families of graphs for which the new bounds are tight will also be shown.


This talk will be NOT be recorded, but slides will be posted on the original website.

Other Information: 

The 05C50 Online is an international seminar about graphs and matrices held twice a month on Fridays.


Time: 8AM Pacific/10AM Central 


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