UVictoria Dynamics and Probability Seminar: Natalie Behague

  • Date: 04/04/2023
  • Time: 14:30
Natalie Behague, University of Victoria

University of Victoria


Probabilistic Zero Forcing on Hypercubes and Grids


Probabilistic zero-forcing can be thought of as a model for rumour spreading, where a person is more likely to spread a rumour if several of their friends already believe it. We start with a graph that has one infected vertex. At each time step an infected vertex infects an uninfected neighbour with probability proportional to how many of its neighbours are already infected. I will focus in this talk on probabilistic zero-forcing on hypercubes and grids, and demonstrate tight bounds on how long it takes for every vertex to be infected (asymptotically almost surely). This is joint work with Trent Marbach and Pawel Pralat.

Other Information: 

Time: 2:30pm Pacific

Location: DSB C128