Uvic - PIMS Distinguished Lecture Colloquium: Pablo Shmerkin

  • Date: 03/16/2023
Pablo Shmerkin, UBC

University of Victoria


Incidences and line counting: from the discrete to the fractal setting


How many lines are spanned by a set of planar points?. If the points are collinear, then the answer is clearly "one". If they are not collinear, however, several different answers exist when sets are finite and "how many" is measured by cardinality. I will discuss a bit of the history of this problem and present a recent extension to the discretized and continuum settings, obtained in collaboration with T. Orponen and H. Wang. No specialized background will be assumed.


Biography: Pablo is a leader in the area of fractal geometry. He is a recent speaker at the International Congress of Mathematicians; and a Canada Research Chair at UBC.


Other Information: 

Location: DSB C108

Time: 2.30pm


*Coffee and muffins at 2.15pm.