UAlberta Math Biology Seminar: Linglong Kong

  • Date: 03/06/2023
  • Time: 14:00
Linglong Kong, University of Alberta

University of Alberta


Statistical Challenges and Opportunities in Population Neuroimaging


Population neuroimaging is devoted to the identification and modelling of brain development, maturation and aging by using a combination of neuroimaging with epidemiology and omics sciences, as applied in large cohorts and meta-analytical datasets. In this talk, we will discuss statistical challenges and opportunities in population neuroimaging. In particular, we will talk about multivariate varying coefficient models for functional responses, spatially varying coefficient model for neuroimaging data with jump discontinuities, and high-dimensional spatial quantile function-on- scalar regression. We will then describe some ongoing projects and point out some future directions.

Other Information: 

Location: Hybrid

- In person: 457 CAB 

- Online. Join Zoom meeting (Passcode: 32123)


Time: 2pm Pacific/ 3pm Mountain