UBC Ergodic Theory Seminar: Boris Solomyak

  • Date: 02/21/2023
  • Time: 14:00
Boris Solomyak, University of Bar-Ilan

University of British Columbia


On absolute continuity of self-similar measures with overlaps


From the work on Bernoulli convolutions by P. Erd\H{o}s in 1939 and up to the recent advances on self-similar measures by M. Hochman, P. Shmerkin, P. Varj\'u, and others, questions on absolute continuity and singularity remain to be a challenge. They are at the intersection of several fields, including fractal geometry, ergodic theory, and harmonic analysis. After a general introduction, I will discuss recent work with Adam \'Spiewak, where we obtain results on absolute continuity for ``typical'' self-similar measures in the plane.

Other Information: 

This is a hybrid event. If in person, please wear a mask.

Location: ESB 4133 OR Join Zoom meeting online (Passcode: 057005)

Time: 2pm Pacific