L-functions in Analytic Number Theory: Daniel Johnston

  • Date: 01/25/2023
  • Time: 12:00
Daniel Johnston, University of New South Wales, Canberra

University of Lethbridge


An explicit error term in the prime number theorem for large x


In 1896, the prime number theorem was established, showing that π(x) ∼ li(x). Perhaps the most widely used estimates in explicit analytic number theory are bounds on |π(x)-li(x)| or the related error term |θ(x)-x|. In this talk we discuss methods one can use to obtain good bounds on these error terms when x is large. Moreover, we will explore the many ways in which these bounds could be improved in the future.


This event is part of the PIMS CRG Group on L-Functions in Analytic Number Theory. More details can be found on the webpage here: https://sites.google.com/view/crgl-functions/crg-weekly-seminar?authuser=0

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Time: Wednesdays, 12-1 pm Pacific Time/ 1-2 pm Mountain Time.


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