PRIMA 2022 Public Lecture: Katherine Stange

  • Date: 12/08/2022
Katherine Stange, University of Colorado 

Vancouver, BC


The illustrated field diary of a mathematical naturalist


Mathematics is a jungle: A jubilee of flowering plants and mysterious animals. The mathematician is a naturalist, describing the behaviours of whatever she encounters on her tours. With the advent of computers and modern technologies, the dispatches of the naturalist can now be illustrated in full colour. In my own travels, I’ve collected some illustrations that I hope will surprise and delight you. I’ll show you -- in technicolour -- some of the lesser-known antics of the inhabitants of the mathematical realm, including complex and rational numbers and the roots of polynomials.



Other Information: 

This event is a part of the PRIMA 2022 Congress and is open to the public.


Time: 5.45pm Pacific 


Registration: Tickets are available for purchase via Eventbrite.