UBC Discrete Math Seminar: Kelvin Chan

  • Date: 11/22/2022
  • Time: 16:00
Kelvin Chan, York University

University of British Columbia


Quasisymmetric harmonics of the exterior algebra


The left regular representation of the symmetric group has a graded cousin constructed as a coinvariant quotient of the polynomial ring in n variables. This theory has fruitfully produced many interesting generalizations with a rich interplay between algebra and combinatorics. Examples include the famous diagonal harmonics and, slightly more recently, the Delta conjecture. In this talk, we review some relevant background and introduce a Grassmannian version of the coinvariant space using the Hivert action of the symmetric group.

This is joint work with Nantel Bergeron, Farhad Soltani, and Mike Zabrocki.

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Location: Online

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Time: 4pm Pacific


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