SFU Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry Seminar: Adam Topaz

  • Date: 11/10/2022
  • Time: 15:30
Adam Topaz, University of Alberta

Simon Fraser University


An overview of the liquid tensor experiment


In December 2020, Peter Scholze proposed a challenge to formally verify a theorem he and Dustin Clausen proved about the real numbers in the context of condensed mathematics, saying it might be his "most important theorem to date." I was part of the group who took on this challenge, using the Lean3 interactive theorem prover and its formally verified mathematics library `mathlib`. We completed the challenge in July 2022. In this talk, I will give a broad overview of condensed/liquid mathematics and the corresponding formalization in Lean. No background in condensed mathematics or interactive theorem provers will be necessary for this talk.

Other Information: 

Location: SFU (K-9509)