SFU Applied & Computational Math Seminar Series: Jingwei Hu

  • Date: 09/23/2022
Jingwei Hu, University of Washington

Simon Fraser University


Dynamical low-rank methods for high-dimensional collisional kinetic equations


Kinetic equations describe the nonequilibrium dynamics of a complex system using a probability density function. Despite of their important role in multiscale modeling to bridge microscopic and macroscopic scales, numerically solving kinetic equations is computationally demanding as they lie in the six-dimensional phase space. Dynamical low-rank method is a dimension-reduction technique that has been recently applied to kinetic theory, yet most of the endeavor is devoted to linear or collisionless problems. In this talk, we introduce efficient dynamical low-rank methods for Boltzmann type collisional kinetic equations, building on certain prior knowledge about the low-rank structure of the solution.


Weiran Sun, Simon Fraser University

Nilima Nigam, Simon Fraser University

Other Information: 

This event will be on Friday, September 23, from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM PDT. Location TBD. More details can be found here.