05C50 Online Seminar Series: RB Bapat

  • Date: 09/23/2022
  • Time: 08:00
RB Bapat, Indian Statistical Institute

University of Manitoba


Resistance matrix of a balanced directed graph


We first review some known results about resistance matrix of an undirected graph. We then define resistance distance in a strongly connected, directed graph. When the graph is balanced, that is, the indegree and the outdegree of any vertex are the same, we show that many properties of resistance matrix continue to hold. The definition of resistance distance uses the Moore-Penrose inverse of the Laplacian matrix of the graph. Some open problems are proposed. The talk is based on joint work with R. Balaji and Shivani Goel.


Stephen Kirkland, University of Manitoba
Hermie Monterde, University of Manitoba

Other Information: 

05C50 Online is a virtual seminar about graphs and matrices held twice a month on a Friday, 8AM Pacific Time/ 10AM Central Time via Zoom.


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