PIMS CRG Workshop on Moments of L-functions

  • Start Date: 07/25/2022
  • End Date: 07/29/2022

University of Northern British Columbia


Establishing asymptotic formulas for moments of L-functions has been a main goal of analytic number theory for over a century. This topic is strongly connected to the generalized Lindelöf Hypothesis and various non-vanishing conjectures, and it has witnessed substantial progress in the last three decades. This one-week workshop will bring together established and early-career researchers with expertise and interest in moments and zeros of L-functions to discuss various aspects of the current research, with special emphasis on multiple Dirichlet series, shifted convolution sums, random matrix theory, and spectral theory of automorphic forms. The purpose of this event is to highlight the recent advances in this area and initiate discussions and collaborations among researchers across the different sub-disciplines of this field. In particular, we are interested in exploring connections between the multiple Dirichlet series approach and the approximate functional equation approach to studying moments of L-functions, perhaps opening up new ways to understanding some of these moments.


This event will provide a collaborative and supportive research environment for young researchers and an opportunity for established researchers to mentor and exchange ideas.



Confirmed Speakers: 

Vorropan Chandee, Kansas State University

Alexandra Florea, UC Irvine

Peter Humphries, University of Virginia

Rizwanur Khan, University of Mississippi

Matilde Lalin, Université de Montéal

Min Lee, University of Bristol

Manish Patnaik, University of Alberta


This event is part of the PIMS CRG Group on L-Functions in Analytic Number Theory. More details can be found on the webpage here: https://sites.google.com/view/crgl-functions/workshop-moments-of-l-functions


Alia Hamieh (UNBC)

Nathan Ng (Lethbridge).

Other Information: 

Location: UNBC–Prince George, British Columbia


Meeting Format: The workshop will run in a blended format whereby in-person and on-line lectures and discussions will be accessible to all participants. We expect the workshop to feature 8 one-hour lectures, 18 half-hour lectures, 3 hours of EDI-focused activities, and various social activities. 



All participants are required to pre-register through the link here. We encourage members of equity-deserving groups to register. 



In-person travel support: 

Please register before May 20th if you would like to be considered for travel support. Late requests might still be considered depending on the remaining available funds


In-person attendance: 

If you are attending in person, you are required to pay the registration fee of $25. You will be required to creat a PIMS account and return to this page and complete the payment.