PIMS - UCalgary Geometric Analysis Seminar Series: Ting Zhou

  • Date: 01/21/2022
  • Time: 14:00
Ting Zhou, Zhejiang University



Inverse Problems for Nonlinear PDEs


In this talk, I will demonstrate the higher order linearization approach to solve several inverse boundary value problems for nonlinear PDEs modeling nonlinear electromagnetic optics including nonlinear time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations with Kerr-type and second harmonic generation nonlinearity. The problem will be reduced to solving for the coefficient functions from their integrals against multiple linear solutions. We will focus our discussion on different choices of linear solutions. A similar problem for nonlinear magnetic Schrodinger equation will be considered as a comparison.


Speaker Biography: Ting Zhou received her PhD in Mathematics at the University of Washington under the supervision of Gunther Uhlmann. Dr. Zhou was a CLE Moore instructor at MIT for three years (2011-2014), after which she held an associate professor position at Northeastern University until 2021. Dr. Zhou was awarded a Sloan Fellowship in 2015. Dr. Zhou is now a professor in the Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University.



Other Information: 

This seminar is available via Zoom. Registration is required


Time: 2–3pm PST (3–4pm MDT) 



This seminar series will promote mathematical and physical topics employing the use and creation of geometric analysis techniques. Some of the main themes the seminar will explore are 1) PDEs on manifolds, 2) geometric flows, 3) inverse problems for PDEs and geometric settings, and 4) the introduction of microlocal techniques to a broader geometric and analysis audience.


The series will run on Friday afternoons 2–3pm PST (3–4pm MDT), starting January 14, 2022 and ending around April 8, 2022.


See more information and other dates in the series or contact Tracey Balehowsky, tracey.balehowsky@ucalgary.ca