ULethbridge - Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar: Mahsa N. Shirazi

  • Date: 11/24/2021
  • Time: 13:30
Mahsa N. Shirazi, URegina

University of Lethbridge


On a Generalization of the Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado Theorem to Intersecting and Set-wise Intersecting Perfect Matchings


A perfect matching (PM) in the complete graph K2kK2k is a set of edges by which every vertex is covered exactly once. Two PMs are said to be tt-intersecting if they have at least tt edges in common. Another type pf intersection that we can define on PMs is set-wise intersection. Two PMs PP and QQ of a graph on 2k2k vertices are said to be set-wise tt-intersecting if there exist edges P1,…,PtP1,…,Pt in PP and Q1,…,QtQ1,…,Qt in QQ such that the union of edges P1,…,PtP1,…,Pt has the same set of vertices as the union of Q1,…,QtQ1,…,Qt. In this talk we show an extension of the famous Erd\H{o}s-Ko-Rado theorem to intersecting and set-wise intersecting PM for t=2t=2 and t=3t=3.

Other Information: 

This talk is held in-person and online.


Time: 1:30pm Pacific / 2:30pm MT


Location: SA6006


Online: check website for meeting link