ULethbridge Number Theory and Combinatorics Seminar: Iren Darijani

  • Date: 10/20/2021
  • Time: 14:30
Iren Darijani, Memorial University

University of Lethbridge


Arc-disjoint Hamiltonian Dipaths in Toroidal Digrids


A directed graph H consists of a set V(H) of vertices together with a subset A(H) of V(H)×V(H) which are called arcs. A hamiltonian dipath in a digraph is a dipath that visits each vertex exactly once. The Cartesian product H1◻H2 of two digraphs H1 and H2 is the digraph with vertex set V(H1)×V(H2) where the vertex (u1,v1) is joined to (u2,v2) by an arc if and only if either u1=u2 and v1v2A(H2) or v1=v2 and u1u2A(H1). The Cartesian product CmCn, where Cm and Cn are two dicycles, is called the toroidal digrid with m rows and n columns. In this talk, we see that there exist two arc-disjoint hamiltonian dipaths in every toroidal digrid.

Other Information: 

Event held in-person and online at 2:30pm MT


In-person Location: SA 6006


Zoom link and password available from the organizers:
Bobby.Miraftab@uleth.ca or Raghu.Pantangi@uleth.ca



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