PIMS Network Courses Guest Lecture: Nati Linial

  • Date: 04/01/2021
Nati Linial, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University, Jerusalem



A taste of random simplicial complexes


The theory of random graphs is one of the most developed parts of modern combinatorics. This theory was initiated by Erdos and Renyi in the early 60’s and has evolved into a deep and beautiful area of study with numerous applications. Several excellent books are devoted to the subject, e.g., Introcution to Random Graphs - Alan Frieze & Michal Karonski.


From a topological perspective, a graph is just a one-dimensional simplicial complex. Therefore it stands to reason that random simplicial complexes should be an interesting domain for investigations. This is indeed so. The first paper going in this direction was this one and much was done subsequently. A relatively comprehensive description of what is known can be found in arxiv.org/1609.00914. In this lecture, the speaker will explain the main phenomena discovered so far.


The talk will begin at 9:30am PDT and will take two hours (2 x 50 min) with a 10-minute break in the middle.

Other Information: 

This is a special guest lecture happening as part of the PIMS Network course Algebraic Topology with Applications in Combinatorics. The lecture may be of interest to people in the areas of combinatorics or topology and will take place online. Please contact Bojan Mohar for connection details.