The PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow Seminar: Thomas Budzinski (Online)

  • Date: 09/23/2020

Thomas Budzinski


Thomas Budzinski is a PIMS-CNRS Postdoctoral Fellow in the Probability group at the University of British Columbia since September 2019. He completed his PhD at the Université Paris-Saclay, advised by Nicolas Curien. Most of his research focuses on random models in discrete surfaces, with an emphasis on hyperbolic and high genus models.




Random discrete surfaces [video]


A triangulation of a surface is a way to divide it into a finite number of triangles. Let us pick a random triangulation uniformly among all those with a fixed size and genus. What can be said about the behaviour of these random geometric objects when the size gets large? We will investigate three different regimes: the planar case, the regime where the genus is not constrained, and the one where the genus is proportional to the size. Based on joint works with Baptiste Louf, Nicolas Curien and Bram Petri.


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