2020 PIMS Diversity In Mathematics Online Program

  • Start Date: 08/04/2020
  • End Date: 08/14/2020



Due to uncertainties resulting from COVID-19, this event will now be hosted online. More details will be posted here as they becomes available.



Hosted for a Third year by PIMS, Diversity in Mathematics is part of a multi-year, multi-level program geared towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM. The highlights of the annual two-week program include:


(a) An interactive math day camp for high school students from groups that are consistently under-represented in the STEM fields. The aim is to increase their representation and retention at post-secondary institutions in STEM fields. More on eligibility and application process below.

(b) A national summer school that inspires talented undergraduate women to specialize in a mathematics-related field at the graduate and post-graduate level and consider career options focused on science and mathematics. The summer school will also serve as a sister program for the math camp. More on eligibility and application process below.

(c) A creative forum for mentorship and leadership at all levels, where the undergraduate participants learn to serve as mentors for their younger counterparts.


Only a stable support network can enhance minority representation in STEM fields. The program will not just teach exciting math, but also showcase role models and create a self-sustaining support system by training future leaders.








A) Highschool Math Day Camp -  Application Information:


Are you in grade 10, 11 or 12? Do you find math stimulating and fun?  Do you want to challenge yourself and leard more math but are not sure how to? Do you wonder if and how math would be helpful for a future career? Do you want to meet new friends from diverse backgrounds who are interested in pursuing STEM majors? Do you want to meet undergraduate mentors in STEM majors studying in universities nationwide and learn about their journey from high school to university? Do you want to be part of the community that promotes diversity and inclusivity in STEM fields? If the answer is yes, then this camp is for you!


The main goal of the online camp is to provide an opportunity to a group of high school students with diverse backgrounds to explore their talents and further develop their mathematical skills in a collaborative and encouraging environment as highlighted below.


Highlights of the camp: 

1. You will explore higher level math topics that are not part of regular school curricula. Math professors who are experts in these mathematical areas will present all material in a way that is accessible and understandable to high school students. Possible topics include mathematics of origami and puzzles, elementary graph theory, game theory and math modelling.


2. Numerous math career options in the academic, industrial or corporate settings will be showcased to you via guest presentations and panel discussions. Participants will get a sense of how mathematics is woven into the fabric of modern life, which helps them obtain the view of the subject that goes beyond the course requirements.


3. You will interact with undergraduate students who are studying STEM majors, through joint activities with participants of the national summer school for women who study mathematics at the undergraduate level. In these sessions, they will be your mentors who will work with you on particular mathematical topics and will share the joys and challenges that university students experience during their academic journey.


We wish to give the camp participants a glimpse of higher math and college life, and help them realize that university is a place for them.



High School Camp Information and Registration details are available here.







B) Undergraduate Summer School - Application Information:


Online Eligibility Requirements:

The online summer school is open to female-identifying, non- binary and two- spririt undergraduate students studying mathematics or a related discipline such as computer science, physics and statistics at a university in Canada or in the northwest United States, with at least one year of studies remaining in their program. Priority will be given to second and third-year students. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation for attendance.


Please note that the purpose of the program is to introduce the undergraduate participants to a wide variety of professions and careers, in academia and in industry, where advanced mathematics is used every day with spectacular success. The summer school is rigorous, intensive but rewarding, depending on applicant backgrounds and course subject matter. It is NOT a purely research-oriented summer school, rather a sampler of different flavours of mathematics-based careers.


A new component of the program will facilitate online engagement and interaction with high school students who are good at math, who may not have had enough opportunities to learn about the impact of advanced mathematics and who can thrive under the mentorship of bright and strong undergraduate women in STEM.


Please use the above information to assess your interest and fit for the program and then review the registration through the link provided below. 


Highlights of the  OnlineUndergraduate summer school:



The 2020 Summer school will take place online. 



There will be two mini-courses, running through the two weeks. The students will do group projects with presentations the last day for each course.

* Week 1 Instructor:Tracey Balehowsky, University of Helsinki

* Week 2 Instructor: Shonda Dueck, University of Winnipeg



Guest Speakers:

John Mighton, Jump Math

Alia Hamie, UNBC

and many more to be announced 



Undergraduate summer school Information and registration details are available here.




C) Deadlines:

June 19, 2020: Undergraduate Application Submissions

July 10, 2020: High School Application Submissions



Online Security:

PIMS will never contact you regarding travel reservations or accommodation payments. Please be vigilant should you receive any emails, calls or text messages claiming to assist you in making reservations for a PIMS event. Do not provide any personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number as these requests are fraudulent in nature.  




Event Contact:

Please email events@pims.math.ca should you have any queries or concerns.