GAP XVII Conference on Deformations and Higher Structures (Postponed)

  • Start Date: 05/25/2020
  • End Date: 05/29/2020

University of British Columbia


This event has been postponed to May 2021. Please check again later for new details.




The seventeenth edition of the annual GAP conference and summer school will be held at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) on the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, from Monday May 25 to Friday May 29, 2020.



Mini-course speakers

Ezra Getzler (Northwestern University)

Bernhard Keller (IMJ-PRG)

Raphaël Rouquier (UCLA)


Invited speakers

Ruggero Bandiera (Università di Roma)

Julia Bergner (University of Virginia)

Alberto Cattaneo* (Universität Zürich)

Barbara Fantechi (SISSA)

Benoît Fresse (Université de Lille)

Julien Grivaux (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)

Zheng Hua (University of Hong Kong)

Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Mathematical Institute)

Bumsig Kim (KIAS)

Julia Plavnik* (Indiana University Bloomington)

Yukinobu Toda (Kavli IPMU)

Ben Williams (UBC)


Kai Behrend (UBC)
Hsuan-Yi Liao (KIAS)
Mathieu Stiénon (Penn State)
Ping Xu (Penn State)

Other Information: 

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Important Security Information:

It has come to our attention that our invited speakers have been contacted by companies or individuals claiming to be affiliated with this event to assist them in making hotel and travel reservations. Please be aware this is a scam. Do not provide any credit card or personal information and ignore these emails and calls.