UBC Math Biology Seminar: Wesley Pegden (Online)

  • Date: 04/22/2020
  • Time: 13:45
Wesley Pegden, Carnegie Mellon University



Modeling strict age-targeted mitigation strategies for COVID-19 [video]


In this talk, we will use compartmental models to examine the power of age-targeted mitigation strategies for COVID-19. We will present evidence that, in the context of strategies which end with herd immunity, age-heterogeneous strategies are better for reducing direct mortalities across a wide parameter regime. And using a model which integrates empirical data on age-contact patterns in the United States and recent estimates of COVID-19 mortality and hospitalization rates, we will present evidence that age-targeted approaches have the potential to greatly reduce mortalities and ICU utilization for COVID-19, among strategies which ultimately end the epidemic by reaching herd immunity. This is joint work with Maria Chikina.

Other Information: 

This event was hosted on zoom recorded. A video of this event is available on mathtube.org.