PIMS - UVictoria Distinguished Lecture: Raphael Gottardo

  • Date: 11/21/2019
  • Time: 14:30
Raphael Gottardo, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

University of Victoria


 “Statistical Methods for Single-Cell Analysis with Applications to Immunotherapy”


New single-cell technologies such as single-cell RNA-seq and high-dimensional flow cytometry enable the unprecedented interrogation of single-cell phenotypes (and functions) under various biological conditions. A common statistical problem is the discovery and characterization of such cell phenotypes from single-cell data and their relationship to clinical outcomes including response to cancer immunotherapy or protection after vaccination. During this talk, I will present some statistical methodology we have developed to analyze high-dimensional single-cell data. I will illustrate these novel approaches using several datasets that we have recently generated to characterize immune responses in the context of vaccination and immunotherapy.

Other Information: 

Location: Room COR B135, UVic


Note: Coffee & Tea Meet and Greet is at 2:30pm