PIMS Workshop on Arithmetic Topology

  • Start Date: 06/10/2019
  • End Date: 06/14/2019

University of British Columbia


The last 10 years have brought a burst of activity at the intersection of algebraic topology, number theory and algebraic geometry. This has led to a wealth of: New theorems, such as Ellenberg–Venkatesh–Westerland’s breakthrough results on the Cohen–Lenstra heuristics for function fields; New sources of heuristics in topology, such as Vakil–Wood’s predictions from the Grothendieck ring, or the notion and coincidences of homological densities as in Farb– Wolfson–Wood; Refinements of classical enumerative theorems using modern topological tools, such as Kass–Wickelgren’s arithmetic count of the 27 lines on a cubic surface; and A renewed focus on unstable homology, as in Galatius–Kupers–Randal-Williams and Miller–Wilson. We believe that these results are just the beginning of the emerging area of arithmetic topology.


This 5 day workshop will bring together junior and senior researchers from across these areas with the goal of:

  • Giving participants a global view of a fast emerging and multidisciplinary area,
  • Giving participants a detailed awareness on the range of methods available, and
  • Emerging with a robust problem list which can help guide activity in the area for the next 5-10 years.


Confirmed speakers:

(Please click on the speaker name to access slides and Video)



Jordan Ellenberg (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Video 1Video 2

Benson Farb (University of Chicago) Video 1Video 2

Soren Galatius (University of Copenhagen) Video 1Video 2

Wei Ho (University of Michigan) Video 1Video 2

Ravi Vakil (Stanford University) Video 1Video 2

Kirsten Wickelgren (Georgia Institute of Technology) Video 1Video 2



Rita Jimenez-Rolland (IM-UNAM Oaxaca) Video

Daniel Litt (Institute for Advanced Study) Video

Andrew Putman (Notre Dame) Video

Will Sawin (Columbia University) Video

Orsola Tommasi (University of Padua) Video

Ben Williams (UBC) Video 

Inna Zakharevich (Cornell) Video


Junior Participant Presentations: 

Monday Presentation

Wednesday Presentation


*All videos are available on the PIMS Math resource site, Mathtube.org 



A list of problems generated during the event are available here. It is also available on the arxiv here.






Program Schedule:

The event program can be found here

Group Photo is available here



Important Security Information:

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Alejandro Adem (UBC)

Craig Westerland (University of Minnesota)

Jesse Wolfson (University of California, Irvine)

Melanie Wood (Institute for Advanced Study)

Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences 

Other Information: 


Registration for this event is now closed due to capacity restrictions.



Applications for funding (travel and accommodation):

Requests for travel support (travel and accommodation) are being accepted until March 29, 2019. We have support from the NSF for US participants, as well as a limited amount of funding available to participants from PIMS member institutions. Applicants should try to find alternative sources of funding to complement the amounts they may receive from the workshop. Priority for funding will go to graduate students, postdocs and those without access to other sources of funding. Women and under-represented minorities are encouraged to apply. Complete the application process here by March 29, 2019. Applicants will be informed of decisions via email. You do not need to register or pay the registration fees before you apply for funding.


Short Talks by Junior Participants:

The organizers invite interested junior participants to submit an abstract (maximum 200 words, in English) of a proposed short talk (5-10 minutes). Complete the application here by May 1, 2019. You do not need to register or pay the registration fees before you apply to present.



Submit Problems:

Inspired by the success of e.g. Kirby’s “Problems in Low-Dimensional Topology” or Farb’s “Problems in Mapping Class Groups and Related Topics”, one of the goals of this workshop is emerge with a robust problem list that can guide activity in the area. We encourage all participants to submit problems in advance of the problem sessions. Research problems at all levels are welcome (i.e. from beginning thesis problems to major open questions). We encourage submitters to approach a submission like a research abstract, i.e. please give sufficient background to state the problem clearly and explain its interest and importance.Submit problems here by May 24, 2019.




There will be a group reservation for the Topology Workshop at UBC Ponderosa Residence. To book online, please follow the following link to UBC Accommodations. This booking block ends on May 10, 2019.


Other on campus options based on availability and market pricing include: UBC West Coast SuitesPacific Spirit Dorms, and Carey Centre



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