Math Biology Seminar: Edward Green

  • Date: 05/15/2019
  • Time: 13:15
Edward Green, University of Adelaide

University of British Columbia


Modelling and quantification of patterns in tissue development


Tissue growth requires cells of various types to organise themselves into the appropriate patterns and structures to produce viable, functional tissue. Similar processes occur in tissue repair (e.g. wound healing) or in biofilms (communities of bacteria or yeast cells). Understanding how this organisation is coordinated is therefore an important basic problem in biology. I will present a brief overview of recent work on pattern formation in vitro (in biofilms, and in interacting cell populations) using both continuum and individual-cell based models. A particular focus of our work has been on using image processing methods and spatial statistics (such as pair-correlation functions) to quantify both experimental data and model outputs, to facilitate comparisons between the two.


This is part of a double-feature with a Pizza lunch for participants.

Other Information: 

Location: ESB 4133 PIMS Lounge