2019 Alberta Mathematics Dialogue

  • Start Date: 05/02/2019
  • End Date: 05/03/2019

University of Alberta


The Alberta Mathematics Dialogue (AMD) emerged naturally from the Alberta Colleges Mathematics Conference (ACMC) and the North-South Dialogue (NSD). The first North-South Dialogue took place eighteen years ago, and 2019 will be the sixth Alberta Mathematics Dialogue. The conference aims to provide a forum for people with a passion in mathematics and statistics to share their teaching and research knowledge and expertise. Over the years, the conference has captured the interest of professors, instructors, students, postdocs, high school teachers, members from Alberta Education, and other individuals passionate about mathematical research and education. The conference will offer plenary talks from experts in fields of mathematics, statistics, pedagogy and curriculum. Research and Teaching & Learning sessions and workshops will also be organized.






Plenary Speakers: 

  • Melania Alvarez (PIMS) Adrien Pouliot Award winner (2012), On  Mathematics Education and Indigenous Outreach
  • Greg Forest (UNC, Chapel Hill)Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics. On Mathematical Biology and Big Data
  • Thomas Hillen (U of A)CAIMS-SCMAI Research Prize winner (2015). On A Mathematical Classification of Jazz Music
  • John Stockie (SFU) CAIMS-Fields Industrial Mathematics Prize winner (2014). On Multiscale Modelling of Sap Flow in Maple Trees
  • Stephanie van Willigenburg (UBC)CMS Krieger-Nelson Prize winner (2017). On Colouring Trees



William Hackborn, UA

Other Information: 

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