PIMS Postdoctoral Training School on Stochastic Dynamics and Hodge Theory

  • Start Date: 03/11/2019
  • End Date: 03/15/2019

University of Alberta


This conference will explore connections between dynamical systems and algebraic geometry, with an emphsis on connections between Teichmüller dynamics and Hodge theory.


Confirmed speakers

Dawei Chen, Boston College/IAS. 

Matteo Costantini, Universität Frankfurt

Patricio Gallardo, Washington University in St. Louis.

Yu-Wei Fan, Harvard University.

Andrew Harder, Lehigh University/University of Miami.

Fei Hu, University of British Columbia.

John Lesieutre, Penn State University. 

Chaya Norton, Concordia University.

Peter Whang, MIT.


Charles Doran (Alberta),

Matt Kerr (Washington University in St. Louis)

Gregory Pearlstein (Texas A&M University).

Other Information: 

If you are interested in attending the workshop,contact one of the organizers by February 15, 2019.