PIMS Workshop on stochastic and deterministic modelling in Biology

  • Start Date: 09/20/2018
  • End Date: 09/23/2018

Jasper, Alberta


The traditional modelling with partial differential equations has often ignored the stochastic nature of the underlying biological processes, and focussed on the deterministic description. This has led to significant results and has helped to grow our understanding o real world mechanisms. More recently however, as more and more detailed data become available, small scale changes, uncertainties and randomness become more and more important. Many areas of mathematical modelling have opened up to include stochastic formalisms, for example random walk models for species distributions, or random mixing models for epidemic infections etc. 


In this workshop, leading experts in stochastic and deterministic modelling will give tutorial lectures to an audience of postdocs and senior PhD students. This workshop is part of the PIMS Postdoctoral Training Centre in Stochastic.


Invited speakers

- Yong-Jung Kim (KAIST, Korea): Fokker-Planck versus Fickian Diffusion

- Zhongwei Shen (U Alberta): Front propagation for stochastic and deterministic PDE

- Eric Foxall (U Alberta): Stochastic population models
- Subhash Lele (U Alberta): Identifiability

- Jinniao Qiu (U Calgary): Stochastic PDE

- Thomas Hillen (U Alberta): Professional Development


Each participant will have the opportunity for a short talk (7-10 min).Space is limited, please register quickly.



Registration details: 

Deadline: August 17, 2018

Please register  through the PIMS site below AND send an email with the below details to pims.cmb@gmail.com.

- Name, Address, e-mail

- Proposed title for a short talk

- Supporting e-mail from your supervisor


Thomas Hillen, UAlberta
Eric Foxall, UAlberta

Other Information: 


Palisades Stewardship Education Centre,

Jasper National Park,

Jasper, AB T0E 1E0