Workshop on Symbolic Dynamics

  • Start Date: 08/16/2018
  • End Date: 08/22/2018

University of British Columbia


Speakers and titles:


  • Sebastián Barbieri (UBC): Systems with completely positive entropy and asymptotic pairs
  • Nishant Chandgotia (Tel Aviv University): Non-existence of Gibbs measures for homomorphisms into Z
  • Ricardo Gomez Aiza (UNAM): On almost isomorphisms
  • Kyle Macdonald (UBC):  Discovering the graph Laplacian in spanning trees and random walk
  • Brian Marcus (UBC): Equivalence of Translation-invariant Gibbs measures, and applications
  • Tom Meyerovitch (Ben Gurion University and UBC):  Predictability and Entropy for Actions of Amenable Groups and Non-amenable Groups
  • Ronnie Pavlov (University of Denver): TBC
  • Gourab Ray (University of Victoria): Russo-Seymour-Welsh and delocalisation for random homomorphisms on Z^2  
  • Yinon Spinka (UBC): On finitary coding
  • Rodrigo Trevino (University of Maryland, College Park): Bratteli diagrams and random substitution tilings of R^d



The event schedule is available here


Other Information: 

Location: Earth Sciences Building Room 4133