Workshop on Statistical Research in the era of Big Data

  • Start Date: 08/03/2018
  • End Date: 08/04/2018

University of British Columbia


It is both the best and worst time for statistics and statisticians. Perhaps uniquely, the discipline of statistics experiences a thorough renewal every few years. We devote research enthusiasm to classical theory, biostatistics, industrial statistics, data mining, genomics, and large-p-small-n problems. At the moment, advances in information technology lead us to big data and deep learning. The combination of the availability of large amounts of data, often in new and complex forms, and the advances in computational power makes for exciting times for statisticians. Equally truthfully, the big data may put some at serious risk of becoming obsolete before ever earned the right to be called statisticians! We call for a workshop not to show-off new and exciting research achievements on big data. Rather, we wish to exchange ideas on how to avoid being swept away by the wave of the big data. Whether you intend to stick to the current research problems, completely reinvent yourself, or bring your current skills to claim a territory of big data, we wish to hear from you.


Confirmed Speakers

Jiahua Chen (UBC)

Xin Gao (York University)

Xuewen Lu (University of Calgary)    

Xiaoping Shi (Thompson Rivers University) 

Lan Liu (University of Minnesota at Twin Cites)

Minge Xie (Rutgers University)

Mark Wolters (Fudan University)

Lixing Zhu (Hong Kong Baptist University and Beijing Normal University) 

Xuekui Zhang, University of Victoria



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Jiahua Chen,  Dept of Statistics, UBC

Xiaoping Shi, Dept of Mathematics &Statistics, Thompson Rivers University  

Weiwei Zhuan, School of Management, University of Science and Technology of China

Cindy Fu, Dept of Mathematics & Statistics, York University

Minge Xie, Department of Statistics and Biostatistics, Rutgers University 

Lixing Zhu, Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University

Yuehua Wu,Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University


Other Information: 


University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Earth Sciences Building: 2207 Main Mall, Vancouver


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$145 + taxes for STUDIO SUITE at Ponderosa Commons (private bath with equipped Kitchen)

$189 + taxes for ONE BEDROOM SUITE at Gage Apartments (for the family with kids)


Conference Venue and Dates:

ESB 5104, UBC

8:30am - 17:00pm  Aug 3, 2018




Registration fee:

$100 cdn per person for regular faculty members;

$50 cdn per person for full time students.


Registration is a two step system. You will need to create and account with PIMS and then return to this webpage, click the SIGNUP button and make the payment below. 


Receipts will be provided through PIMS. For questions and inquiries about registration, please contact: Xiaoping Shi  



Travel to UBC:

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For all questions please email: Jiahua Chen,  Dept of Statistics, UBC