Math Biology Seminar: Denise Daley

  • Date: 06/06/2018
  • Time: 15:15
Denise Daley - UBC, Centre for Heart Lung Innovation

University of British Columbia


Geat Gene Rush


Dr. Denise Daley PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Daley is trained as a statistical geneticist with PhDs in Epidemiology and Biostatics and she currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Genetic Epidemiology of Complex Diseases. Dr. Daley is a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Heart and Lung Innovation at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, where she currently studies complex diseases such as asthma, food allergies, cancer, heart disease, and healthy aging. In particular, she has focused on why some children get asthma/allergic disease and others do not. Dr. Daley is currently investigating genes that may predispose children to developing asthma, and how a ombination of genetic variations can interact with gender and the environment to produce the condition. This presentation will focus on the concepts, principles and results of genetic association studies both candidate gene and genome-wide association studies, and the statistical models used to identify associations. A brief discussion of how this information can be used to identify individuals at risk for disease and the implications for clinical risk management.

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Location: ESB 4127